Artist Statement


     I started out doing photography, literally by saying this prayer. “Lord, please allow me to be a photographer, see what you see,  show what you want to show “ Continuing” Lord allow me to write the words you want me to  share with others to show your power and might. First prayer out of bed each morning before as my feet hit the ground running, "Lord let me HEAR your words, SEE what it is you want me to see. Think the thoughts you want me to think.  Throughout the day when I am taking photographs, I believe that through my camera’s lens is God Eyes Looking at the World, using the cameras shutter to capture the "Now" for others to see; Within a few years after saying these prayers for writing and photography,  I:) was publishing the magazine,  Whiz Magazine, New Orleans (2001 to Saint Patrick’s Day 2006)  allowing me to publish my writing, use my business and organizational skills, creativity and it gave me the ability to create a unique style in photography. My Arts Muse was released from the shadows on a misty morning in New Orleans as I arrived after a long journey.

     It is my desire in life, goal through my art to show the world the beauty of God. Writing, words will penetrate minds and reach ego. My goal is to get the Ego and Spirit talking to each own and each will listen to reason of the other, the Spirit and Ego, healing Self and Soul. Sometimes the heart must break for the Soul to heal, the Ego dies for the Spirit to prevail. Words and Visual Images, aka, Meme's can make this happen quicker than the average education would take.  I like to call myself #Verbbotomist, an individual who strikes an emotional cord somewhere in the triplexes where life begins in each of us. The ember hidden, burning illuminating the shadow with a fait glow, a faint crackling as it starts to burn and come alive in the “Now” of the eternal clock. I like to be the painter who paints with colors that only I see; I;) am colorblind, I am a shadow off in the darks and lights and my color palate is different than most. Being different is a way to visually change the programing of the mind and offer a different prospective on life through differences of color. You may see colors that do not go together or match as some would say, my colors may have great contrast or a dull tone, one to the other, or maybe even new colors I create because of the colorblindness. Don’t expect it to be the same, I am unique. .  I am not perfect, but I do believe we as a race can fly if we try. I see shadows where you see none because of the colorblindness. I can see, a different shade of gray for each color in darkness giving me the ability to see color in the dark.

     My prayers, my faith make me believe I am like him. #WWJD? #JWBH, a no brainer!  I had to understand what was truly happening. #JWBH, Jesus Would Be Himself. Thus, the #11th.Commandment - Love your neighbor as you love yourself. If Jesus was being himself, loving himself then he teaches to also love your neighbor as they self. WE become one in love.

     My prayers are such, I speak the words God wants spoken. We, as a human race speak a different language, you me the guy next to you. Today My partner said Ba to me. Ba in his languages is Bye in mine. He left off a syllable of a word that I am used to hearing. A different vibration is created for each syllable for the same word when pronounced differently. In this case of Ba and Bye, the "E" was left off. The vibration of the “E” Try this, hold your finger on the voice box, say "E", feel the vibration, then say Ba and Bye. These are the vibrations we have taught ourselves to listen to and to feel. In today’s world we need to be able to FEEL emotions and vibrations of such, given by Ones Soul to another, One person to the next, we need the power to communicate honesty, with empathy, compassion giving and receiving  trust, and we need the power to receive the truth in actions that are done onto us. All this done by  #Vibrationa.Pull which is the Drawing near, & #Vibrational.Push. The push away, off. The Ebb and Flow of our emotions. We will learn to read the emotions of others as the blind read brail. We need to learn to feel the truth as the words are sometimes polluted by man with poisonous words.

#eWe will hopefully one day in person finish this conversation. I think life is also programed as followed. It is on the premises of the first computer language based on numeric digits of 1’s and 0’ C.O.B.O.L. I do not have all the answers, I am just learning myself and I have a way to go. To Learn is to Grow, to Grow is to become Wise. How it works, when the computer reads a 1 (ONE) that means on, a 0 (Zero) means off. The first computers run by it being told, mostly by punch cards to perform a duty by turning “on”, “off”, “on” and so on. (Still Lost, Let’s have coffee) This is how computers made the calculations, “Computer”, “Computations” that’s just what they do. Everything, including your favorite app is calculating something. Everything is being solved by numbers which will be broken down to a series of #:ON:off;On:off, etc. It now has created a vibrational push and pull to complete the computations. God has also programed the  and we need to learn to read it and react to the vibrations in a way that is positive, we do this by passion, empathy, love and compassion. Life is a series of on’s and off’s too, negative and positive, negative “Off”, Positive “On”,

     Today we don’t know if the words people speak are true or even if their gestures and grimace are real and not acted out, the humming of the noises in the air may not be “natural” as we hear all this low tone noise, traffic, maybe an air plane overhead or the passing of a car. Individuals may Grimace and make gestures to trick you into believing they are speaking truth, scenes acted out by some of the best liars in history since biblical times. The movement of the face or eyes, practiced as an actor would practice his skill, all to create deceit  It distracts the Spirit, the Spirit needs and wants to hear the swaying of the branches of the tree as it whistles in the wind, the sound of Red Birds of their mating chirps and whistles filling the air in Early Spring Air, that is truth. Sometimes all we hear is the pollution made by man. What we miss because of the manmade sounds are Gods words being spoken to us., I know, I am 50% Deft; I had to listen closer and I am learning to pick out words over the unnatural hum of todays atmosphere. I am over 50% deft so I had to teach myself how to hear and what to hear to survive.

     Being Deft was a Gift from God, it made me learn to listen a little more Intune and in depth I listen for the tones and pauses high and low that are not heard by all. They are there; you need to quite the mind and find a place, sit and listen, there God will speak to you as God Speaks to me.  Tones are truly words being spoken to me; we must listen more deeply. I must listen and as my prayer evoke, #I;) believe. By faith and by instruction this I must do, believe in thee and myself feel we are one. I will not be questioned or tested about my faith, only by God, but through my work you will see I have passed all tests put before me. Please enjoy all I have done; I hope for more to come. I believe my prayers are true and he is I and together are one, you too.  I am made to believe all we do is of God. My Words, My Photography, my Speech, Thoughts and My Passion all gifts given to me.  My Art.